Sawayaka Sheffield presents ‘When Silence Speaks’ by The Janskys

“The band confess that they desire to make music that really matters, that steps above, beyond and over the hype machine that comes with modern music these days, and I’d say they’ve managed this perfectly”  Penny Black Music

“A fine example of how slow and steady can win the race, I’m really glad that The Janskys took their time on this album because it has been fine tuned to production perfection”  NOWTHEN  

“Real ambition and determination to bring in ideas, and as a result there’s some proper gems”  SOUNDSXP

“The band’s modesty belies their craft and nowhere is this more evident than the band’s latest release, When Silence Speaks”  Sheffield Telegraph

“I think I really quite like this album – it’s unlike anything I’ve heard in a while, and it’s brilliantly produced”  TOAST

“There are some fine songs here…  a well crafted album with a lot going on from a band that no one really knows how to label. That’s always a good thing” R2 Magazine

The Janskys’ current LP When Silence Speaks is available now….

Recorded and mixed over a two year period, this labour of love made the band reach higher and dig deeper than they thought was possible.

Guided by the unwavering commitment of producer and now good friend Colin Bradley, the twelve song LP twists and turns through a musical journey, from the familiar and onwards into previously unchartered sonic territory for the band.

It all began during the autumn and winter of 2010 with plans being made over pints of Moonshine in Fagans, the band’s favoured watering hole.

Sessions started in The Janskys’ own Sawayaka Sheffield Studios towards the end of February 2011. Late nights and long weekends, working around dodgy electrics and the goat slaughtering metal antics and cocktail jazz cruise ship shenanigans from nearby rehearsal rooms, became the norm.

Being of a certain vintage required the band to fit recording around work, wives, kids and cats.  This, tied in with the fact that having their own studio and producer giving them the freedom to try out different approaches and experiment with unusual sounds and textures, meant mixing did not begin until Autumn 2012.

The carefully crafted album, which was pieced together to recall the two sides of a vinyl LP, was mastered by Dan Worrall at The Laundry Rooms in Sheffield in January 2013.

When Silence Speaks (cat. no. CDJNP/13) was released by Sawayaka Sheffield on 29th June 2013.

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