The Janskys  born Sheffield 2007

Current Line up

Pat Donoghue* Vocals & Acoustic Guitar 2007-present

Damian Sackett* Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards 2007-present


Colin Bradley* Production, programming, guitars, keyboards 2010-present

Former Janskys

Nick Davies* Bass & Guitar 2007-2013

Jonathan Grove* Drums, Percussion & Keyboards 2009-2013

Liam Rice Drums & Percussion 2007-2009, 2012-2013

Howard Holmes* Guest (Harmonica) 2012-2013

Stu Owen Bass 2013

* Denotes members featured on WHEN SILENCE SPEAKS


 A Brief History

The story of the band which would later become known as The Janskys begins in 2007.  Pat Donoghue could regularly be found singing songs of life, love and heartbreak at a jam night organised by Howard Holmes in a Thorpe Hesley pub.   One night Pat was approached by bass player Nick Davies, fresh from the recently defunct alt-country act The Enquiry and previously Hanging Onto Harry (with whom Howard had been the singer).  With The Enquiry’s rehearsal slot still warm and available at Sheffield’s Yellow Arch Studios, Pat and Nick agreed to meet and play some music and before long began writing together.  After a while it seemed a lead guitarist may be useful, so Nick approached Damian Sackett, formerly of London indie band The Violet Years and latterly playing solo around South Yorkshire, who he had previously met in an Oughtibridge cafe when Damian had interrupted a conversation he was having with friends about Richard Hawley.

As the months passed, the fledgling Janskys started thinking about live shows and the line up was completed by Liam Rice, Scouse sticksman extraordinaire, formerly of John Peel darlings, Benny Profane.  The band began playing shows in 2008 with their first show at West Street Live.

The Janskys (photo by Richard Bolam)

By 2009 they felt ready to record and the six songs which became the eponymous debut mini-LP were captured virtually live in a two day session on 8th and 9th April at the secretive Blakk Sausage Studios.  Over the summer Liam revealed that he needed to leave the band for a variety of reasons but stayed on for a storming launch gig at the legendary Grapes on Trippet Lane that September.

After auditioning several drummers Jonathan Grove entered the fray, via a serendipitous tip-off from one of Damian’s work friends.  Strange to say, drummer Jonathan was the only trained musician in the band, coming from a classical music background. The mix of discipline and spontaneity lifted the band into a very exciting new phase.

The band’s next release was a cover of a song by local songwriter Craig Veitch who had written a batch of songs to be recorded by others for a British Heart Foundation charity CD. The Janskys’ contribution was recorded guerrilla style at Portland Works, their rehearsal space at the time….  Capturing the session was producer Colin Bradley who had recently moved back up north from Brighton.  Doncaster born, Colin had previously worked with Babybird, Bark Psychosis, Dual and Splintered.  He had met Nick through a mutual appreciation of the music of Richard Hawley (again!) and seen The Janskys live a couple of times when visiting family ‘oop north’.  The recording session went so well that a plan was hatched to find a suitable space that the band and Colin could share.

The line up that recorded WHEN SILENCE SPEAKS, L-R Jonathan, Pat, Nick, Damian (photo by Gerard F Morgan)

Space was found at the former Jump Studios run by Paul ‘Tommo’ Thompson.   After several months renovating the studio, recording for the second LP began at the end of February 2011 with Colin on board as full time producer.  The band toiled away with little or no regard for time, drinking gallons of tea, staying awake too long and spending so many hours in the company of other men it left their wives wondering what was really going on!

The bulk of the recording sessions took place over a 14 month period at the end of which an offer too good to refuse meant drummer Jonathan moved to the USA, initially for a year.  Liam was lured back temporarily and as Jonathan’s stay in Ohio has become more indefinite so has Liam’s position on the drum stool.

During the recording sessions Howard even dropped in to make a guest appearance on harmonica and has been popping up fairly regularly as a live guest ever since.  Since the summer of 2012 the band has also chosen to do some acoustic sets; this has showcased The Janskys’ ability to adapt and demonstrate the real strength of their songs.  With barely a cover in sight they hold captive even the most intimate of audiences.

Damian & Pat playing an acoustic set at The Forum 7th July 2013 (photo by Gerard F Morgan)

Final overdubs and mixing of the LP took place in the summer and autumn of 2012 overseen by Colin and Damian and mastering was completed by Dan Worrall at The Laundry Rooms in January 2013.   Two years in the making but the results have been worth it after a most weird and wonderful journey.

During the build up to the launch of the new LP in Spring 2013 bass player and founding member Nick left the band.  WHEN SILENCE SPEAKS was released on 29th June and the official announcement of Nick’s departure was made at the LP launch gig at Shakespeares on Friday 12th July with Liam’s old friend Stu Owen filling in admirably as the band seek a full time replacement.

The current line up, L-R Damian, Pat, Liam, Stu on a truck in a car park at Tramlines 2013 (photo by Gerard F Morgan)

Drawing from influences such as Wilco, The Stone Roses, REM,Grandaddy, Spiritualized and Doves; you get everything you expect and more from the twelve songs on this new recording.  The songs are instantly familiar with sweeping guitar hooks and beautifully crafted harmonies built on innovative rhythmic patterns, impossible to get out of your head for all the right reasons.  Honest music crafted by genuinely passionate musicians with soul, integrity and above all heart.

The Janskys Sunday 21st July 2013: Damian, Pat, Liam, Howard, Stu (photo by Kitty)

The Janskys Sunday 21st July 2013: Damian, Pat, Liam, Howard, Stu (photo by Kitty)

The launch of WHEN SILENCE SPEAKS is sure to signal yet another chapter in The Janskys’ history.  Who knows where this may take them but it’s certain that in their suitcase they’ll have effects pedals, amps drenched in reverb and lyrics to move even the most concrete of hearts.


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